Do you looooove Bling?

Would you like to earn extra cash making 'Blinged out' items

but you aren't sure where to start?

Do you have a bling hobby that you'd like to transform into a bling business?

Do you have a bling business and would like tools to be more

organized and productive?

Are you looking for strategies to build your customer base and increase sales?

Regardless of your current status,

let me help you get to the next level!!

I know the struggle that comes with transitioning from making

something cute for yourself to

being bombarded with

"Oooo... how much?... Make me one...!" to starting a business.

Over the last 10+ years I've

"blinged" just about everything you can think of. I've learned

techniques through trial and

error, social media posts and

YouTube videos.


While searching, I would 

always wish there was more

information regarding starting a bling business and tools to

increase my productivity all in one place.

Let me give you the help I wished I had!!!



is an interactive workbook giving you basic business principles and tools to help you turn your bling hobby into a lucrative bling brand.

Inside we'll cover 10 basic topics that will help you think about every aspect of your bling business including your initial idea, branding,  financing, marketing,

payment processing and much more.

There is a toolbox section included with items that will help you maximize your productivity. You'll also find a list of 20 project ideas to get you started.



Get your copy and let me help push you further along your bling journey!

It’s my desire to help you bling officially!

It’s my desire to help you bling efficiently!

It’s my desire to help you

Bling Like A Boss’!! 

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